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  • Best and Brightest Company to Work For | 2017

    Jan 2, 2018     gryphonleadershipgroupadmin   0 Comment     , , , , ,     Inspiration & Motivation, Marketing, News, Uncategorized

    Looking back on 2017, we can say that we had a very eventful year at Gryphon Leadership Group! We had lots of changes from expanding our office, to welcoming new team members and saying good-bye to others. We traveled quite a bit and made a lot of changes to our space! We learned a whole lot, and we definitely improved ourselves exponentially. To top it all off, we were named a Best and Brightest Company to Work For in 2017!We are honored to be recogni...

  • How to Break Free From the Flock

    Nov 9, 2017     gryphonleadershipgroupadmin   0 Comment     Inspiration & Motivation, News, Uncategorized

     Too many people are living inauthentic lives and are lost in the crowd. Particularly in today’s world where everywhere you turn is outside influence, it’s too easy to get swept up in the flock.At Gryphon Leadership Group, we encourage individuality and celebrate the diversity of our team. It is the uniqueness of each individual that makes our team so talented, skilled and adaptable.We love people who aren’t afraid to stand out and b...

  • Gryphon Leadership Group is Growing!

    Aug 31, 2017     gryphonleadershipgroupadmin   0 Comment     Inspiration & Motivation, News, Uncategorized

               2017 has been an exciting and eventful year so far at GryphonLeadership Group! From expanding our office space here in Alexandria, to helping to oversee and develop other offices in a few other locations, we have been busy making big things happen!            We are so proud to see our core team here in Alexandria become stronger, more capable leaders each and every day. It is amazing to see them embody our company’s mis...

  • Top Performer’s Conference

    Jan 3, 2017     gryphonleadershipgroupadmin   0 Comment     Marketing, News, Uncategorized

     Janese recently attended the Top Performer’s Conference in Arizona along with our CEO, Eric. Janese was chosen to attend this year’s conference due to her outstanding performance, leadership abilities and commitment to the team. She had the opportunity to network with other top performers from across the nation, learn from some of the best in the industry and explore Old Town Scottsdale!We were excited to ask Janese all about her trip and...

  • Setting High Standards

    Oct 25, 2016     gryphonleadershipgroupadmin   0 Comment     , , ,     Inspiration & Motivation, News

    One of the many perks of working at Gryphon Leadership Group is having the privilege of traveling and attending conferences in many difference cities all over the country. With that privilege comes the opportunity to gain and share valuable knowledge and experience with others within the industry. Our CEO, Eric, recently spoke about a very important topic at a conference in Atlantic City- setting high standards for yourself.When it comes down to it, ...

  • How to Take Your Ideas from Plan to Execution

    Sep 15, 2016     gryphonleadershipgroupadmin   0 Comment     Inspiration & Motivation, Marketing, News

     Have you ever come up with a great idea, only to let it slip through the cracks, because the execution seemed too out of reach?  The story is all too familiar, we allow our anxieties to snuff out the excitement of our ideas before they even get into the planning stage. So, what gives? Why do we allow our innovative ideas to fall by the wayside without even giving them much of a second thought?Most of the time, the reasons behind our hesitanc...

  • How to Find Inspiration

    Sep 5, 2016     gryphonleadershipgroupadmin   0 Comment     Inspiration & Motivation, Marketing, News

    As we reflect this Labor Day weekend on our year and plan for the remainder of 2016, we can't help but get motivated and inspired by what is all around us.We all have those moments when we find ourselves in an inspirational rut and we just don’t know where to draw from. Staying inspired on a consistent basis can be particularly difficult for entrepreneurs and business people who are overworked.  That is certainly not to say that entrepreneurs are ...

  • How to Inspire Others to be Their Best

    Aug 28, 2016     gryphonleadershipgroupadmin   0 Comment     News

    There is great truth to the quote by J Buchan, which states, “ The role of a great leader is not to give greatness to human beings, but to help them extract the greatness they already have inside them.”The best leaders do not only lead their team, they inspire them to be the best that they can be. They ignite a passion within their team members to become great leaders themselves. The most impressive leaders are not intimidated by the greatness of o...

  • Finding Success Beyond Your Comfort Zone

    Aug 28, 2016     gryphonleadershipgroupadmin   0 Comment     News

    A comfort zone is a metaphorical area of safety and control within which we all operate on a daily basis. We tend to avoid straying from our comfort zones because it is within our personal bubble that we feel the most at ease and stress free. The closer we get to reaching beyond our comfort zones, the more our anxiety rises ,which instinctually causes us to retreat within our little bubbles once again. There is an old adage that states, “In ...

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