Gryphon Leadership Group is Growing!

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           2017 has been an exciting and eventful year so far at GryphonLeadership Group! From expanding our office space here in Alexandria, to helping to oversee and develop other offices in a few other locations, we have been busy making big things happen!

           We are so proud to see our core team here in Alexandria become stronger, more capable leaders each and every day. It is amazing to see them embody our company’s mission and values while using their unique leadership skills to guide and develop new additions to our team.

            In addition to the growth that’s happening in our hometown office, our affiliates in other locations are booming with success, as well! Our affiliate in Portland has moved to a new space due to growth and success! In addition, the Virginia Beach office is helping to expand into St. Louis! We are happy to participate by helping to oversee and develop these expansions and new openings. We will often send our top performers to these new locations to collaborate with these teams and exchange best practices. We also love hosting these teams when they come to visit our office in order to learn from them and teach them our best practices, as well. Teamwork really does make the dream work!

            The ability to network, cross-train and learn from each other in this industry is vital to our success. It is so important to have a great team and network of people who are not only cheering you on, but genuinely have your best interests at heart. At Gryphon Leadership Group, we have that, and we are that for others, as well!

            Since we have a lot going on concerning expansion at the moment, we’d like to discuss how expanding a business is beneficial. While market expansion certainly comes with its risks, when you do the proper research and make an educated decision, the rewards can definitely outweigh the benefits. For us, the answer was very clear!


Here are some benefits of market expansion:

  1. Building a bigger team. When we help open new markets, we need to fill more positions. This means more jobs and more opportunities, not only for job seekers, but for us, as well! First, we always promote from within. We develop our team with an intense leadership program so that they have all of the qualities and tools necessary to oversee a client and team on their own. In addition, when a new location opens, we get to hire and build our team from the outside! We are always looking to build our team with different people who have diverse skills and talents to offer.


  1. Branching out into new demographics. Different demographics equals different people, different needs, and different success rates. You can have a perfectly good team, product and business and watch your company go under because you are in a crappy location. Different demographics give you better, (or worse), chances of succeeding. Research is key, here!


  1. Stepping into new industries. With new locations come new needs. You can open a door for a new client or product simply by moving to a new area.


  1. Creating a broader customer base. One of the biggest benefits of expanding your business into new locations is that you will create more access points for potential customers. The more accessible your company/employees/product/service is, the more customers you will acquire and retain.


  1. Cornering a market. You have the ability to dominate a market niche when expanding into a new location. You may offer a product or service that no one else does, or you may do it more efficiently. Once the word is out, you can have that market cornered.

            As you can see, there are some very substantial benefits to expanding the location of a business. This is why we invest so much time and energy into building our teams, developing leadership programs and perfecting our customer service! We want our team members to rise to the top and lead their own crew to success!

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