How to Find Inspiration

Sep 5, 2016     gryphonleadershipgroupadmin   0 Comment     Inspiration & Motivation, Marketing, News

As we reflect this Labor Day weekend on our year and plan for the remainder of 2016, we can’t help but get motivated and inspired by what is all around us.
We all have those moments when we find ourselves in an inspirational rut and we just don’t know where to draw from. Staying inspired on a consistent basis can be particularly difficult for entrepreneurs and business people who are overworked.  That is certainly not to say that entrepreneurs are uninspired. In fact, entrepreneurs are some of the most inspired, dedicated, motivated and inspirational people out there! However, because entrepreneurs are such hard workers who log so many work hours, they have a tendency to overlook their work-life balance and slack on their mental self care. By overlooking this area, a chain reaction occurs which can lead to difficulty with creativity and feeling inspired.  For many of us, the idea of inspiration is often an elusive one that feels just out of reach.  Inspiration, creativity, new ideas and a fresh perspective are those non-tangible things that are always just around the corner. When you’re stuck in an inspirational rut, they’re those things that slip right through your fingers just when you feel like you may be onto something.
So, where can you draw from when you feel like inspiration eludes you? We’ve compiled a list to help put some color back into your life and your work!  Check it out.
1.Listen to music. We all know how different music has the power to take you to another place.
Try listening to different styles of music. Change it up from your go-to jams and see where it
takes you! It may change your thinking or make you feel a different way and spark some creativity and new ideas!
2. Change your surroundings. Try taking your work outside or to a different room. Different visuals or a space with a different vibe can help shake things up.
3. Draw inspiration from people. Talk to people you don’t usually talk to. Listen to other
people talk. People watch. (Not in a creepy way!) By learning from others and gaining a different perspective on how other people think, you can gain enough information for a lifetime!
4. Read. There is such a wealth of inspiration out there in all types of literary forms. Books,  magazines, ebooks, websites and pamphlets are all greats tools to get your creativity juices flowing.
5. Look within yourself. Sometimes to find inspiration, all you have to do is tune out the chaos  of the outside world and find the answers in the quiet of your own mind. Some great ways to unlock inspiration within are through meditation, exercise, spending time in nature and through proper self care.
Staying inspired is important to the vitality and success of our careers. While occasionally falling into an inspirational rut happens to the best of us, it’s important that we know that we have the power to pull ourselves right back out.