How to Inspire Others to be Their Best

Aug 28, 2016     gryphonleadershipgroupadmin   0 Comment     News

There is great truth to the quote by J Buchan, which states, “ The role of a great leader is not to give greatness to human beings, but to help them extract the greatness they already have inside them.”

The best leaders do not only lead their team, they inspire them to be the best that they can be. They ignite a passion within their team members to become great leaders themselves. The most impressive leaders are not intimidated by the greatness of others. In fact, their main goal as a leader is to nourish and cultivate each team member’s strengths and help them improve upon their weaknesses.

There are many ways in which great leaders can inspire others to be their very best. Leaders inspire others by:

  1. Leading by example. You can’t very well inspire others unless you set a good example, yourself. This means you must embody all aspects of a great leader. You must act with integrity, follow through with commitments, act in a professional manner, have a positive attitude, and communicate expectations clearly.
  2. Being invested in their success. If you want to inspire others to be great leaders, you have to invest time in their success. Take time to evaluate your leadership training programs. Take time for one-on-ones. Ask for feedback from your team about what you can do to improve your leadership programs.
  3. Genuinely caring about them. Show each member on your team that you are genuinely invested in their future and that you really want them to succeed. Think about a mentor that you had in the past that really inspired you along your path to success. We’ve all had a helping hand from someone who had our best interests at heart. It helps to know that someone has your back when you are still getting your footing.
  4. Holding them to a high standard. People like to know that others believe that they are capable. Let your team know that you have faith in them and nine times out of ten, they will rise to the occasion.
  5. Challenging them to be their best. Never stop challenging your team. When you stop giving your team something to strive toward, they will plateau and they will stop growing. You won’t be doing them any favors. By challenging them, you are giving them an opportunity to learn, grow and improve their confidence while simultaneously showing them that you believe they can handle the task.
  6. Letting them shine. Part of being a great leader is knowing when to step back and let your team do their thing. While a big part of being a good leader is guiding and grooming your team members, you need to know when to let them take the reigns and give them the opportunity to prove themselves. Let them show their stuff and give them room to fall and pick themselves back up if need be.

Becoming a great leader is not an easy feat, and it takes quite a long time to grow into the role.  Those who have made it will tell you that the most rewarding part of being a leader is watching your team become great leaders, themselves.