Top Performer’s Conference

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Janese recently attended the Top Performer’s Conference in Arizona along with our CEO, Eric. Janese was chosen to attend this year’s conference due to her outstanding performance, leadership abilities and commitment to the team. She had the opportunity to network with other top performers from across the nation, learn from some of the best in the industry and explore Old Town Scottsdale!

We were excited to ask Janese all about her trip and wanted to share some of the highlights with you!

1.What was your favorite part of the trip?

           Being surrounded by like-minded people that are driven to make their goals a reality!

2.What are some things that you learned at the conference?

           Systems and routines for crew building, 5 things leaders neglect or forget the importance of, 10 expectations of a leader, How to explain the business, and our client brokers why, what and how.

3.What is the main thing that you took away from the experience?

            That we have the opportunity to create our own destiny. We have something very special in our hands- everyone that has been successful in this business are ordinary people with extraordinary desires to live the life they want. 

4.What did you learn that you will apply to your work? 

            Everything relates back to the fundamentals. I really enjoyed the discussions about the most crucial elements to success, and I plan to focus on developing and implementing the work habits that were discussed.


5.Were you able to bring back any new knowledge/strategies to share with the team?

           Yes! So many things, but mainly that there is power in repetition. Doing the right things over and over again will create the results we want. 

6.What did you guys do for fun after the conference?

           We got into three different party buses and drove around Old Town Scottsdale while stopping at different bars!

We are so proud of all that Janese has accomplished while being employed at Gryphon Leadership Group. She is the personification of leadership, loyalty and ambition. We are excited to see where Janese’s talent and drive will take her!